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Ethiopia , Thursday 22 March 2018

News Ethiopia » Afar: Chasing water from space

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 March 2018

UNICEF/Ethiopia/2018 Hamdia (6), whose little brother died of acute diarrhoea due to their drinking water being heavy on salt and minerals, Afdera town, Afar region, Ethiopia. An innovative approach to finding fresh water underground in drought-affected ...

News Ethiopia » Afar: Ethiopia: Glancing Ethiopia's Move in Producing, Diversifying Energy

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 March 2018

Currently, Ethiopia is among the fastest growing countries in the world ... Melka Sedi Thermal Power Project is a biomass fired steam power plant project located in the Afar State with the capacity of 137.5 MW. The fuel sources for the thermal power ...

News Ethiopia » Afar: Ethiopia's state of emergency could destabilise the Horn of Africa

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Publication date: onday 19 March 2018

There are also Somalis in Ethiopia. They maintain strong ties with their clansmen in Somali, Djibouti and Kenya. The Afar ethnic group in Ethiopia are also minorities in Eritrea, and Djibouti. A new influx of Ethiopian refuges into Kenya due to the recent ...

News Ethiopia » Afar: Ethiopia: Drought - Emergency Appeal Revision 3, n° MDRET016

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Publication date: hursday 22 March 2018

This revised Emergency Appeal seeks a total of some 6,108,307 Swiss francs (reduced from 13,686,550 Swiss francs) to enable the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support the Ethiopia ... of zone 1 Afar, Babile ...

News Ethiopia » Afar: Ethiopia after Desalegn

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Publication date: Friday 09 March 2018

Ethiopia has been governed since 1991 by the Ethiopia People ... closed the doors of the coalition to other Ethiopian groupings such as ethnic Somalis and the Afar people, although this did not preclude alliances with such groups outside the coalition.

News Ethiopia » Afar: Battling Poverty through Organizing and Activating Potentials of Agro-Pastoralism in the Somali Region

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Publication date: Sunday 18 March 2018

In Ethiopia, pastoralism and agro-pastoralism are important means of livelihood for more than five million people, with most [agro-] pastoralists living in the Afar, Somali, Oromia, and Southern Nations Nationalities Peoples’ Region. Agro-Pastoralism is ...

News Ethiopia » Afar: Ethiopia: The Enemy Within

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Publication date: onday 12 March 2018

A Telat that would rather ignite a fratricidal war than to submit to anyone else. A Telat that doesn’t even hail from afar, but is born right in the heartland of Ethiopia! Everyone is claiming that the TPLF doesn’t have the power and dominance it once ...

News Ethiopia » Afar: Ethiopia Travel Advisory

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Publication date: Wednesday 10 January 2018

The Government of Ethiopia has restricted or shut down internet ... Visit our website for Travel to High-Risk Areas. The Danakil Depression in Afar Violent crime, such as armed assault, is common. The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa has restricted travel ...

News Ethiopia » Afar: Ethiopia likely to mount raids on Eritrea-based Afar militants in retaliation for militant killing of European tourist

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Publication date: uesday 05 December 2017

On 3 December, a European tourist was killed during a raid on the Erta Ale volcano tourist site in Ethiopia’s Afar region by gunmen who had crossed the border from nearby Eritrea. Afar regional police guarding the site exchanged fire with the attackers ...